Marshall Welcomes a New Product to their Portable Series – Emberton

Marshall Welcomes a New Product to their Portable Series – Emberton

The Marshall Portable series has been expanding over the years, providing you the sound that you need to carry around while your on the move. Whether it be the Stockwell II, Kilburn II or the Tufton, have made a significant impact in the portable range of bluetooth speaker’s. We all know the brand itself stands out not only for it’s brand value, but of 50 years of sound and design expertise that has been distilled in each and every Marshall speaker. Bringing you the big stage home and giving you the sheer experience to your listening enjoyment.

For those who are travel lover’s and like something sturdy in hand, the Marshall portable series meets your need packed with a 20hrs of playtime, allowing you to for further and enjoy music for longer. Packed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and has an IPX2 water-resistant design, so it will be able to withstand little splashes of water. Along with a functionality of being app-enabled and multi-host feature, so you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices (Marshall).

With the new Marshall portable speaker – Emberton released just laster year is a much more compact portable speaker which can easily fit on your travel bag or anywhere you go. It utilizes the True Stereophonic technology, which is a unique form of multi-directional sound made by Marshall itself. Enabling the listener to enjoy and experience a complete 360º sound with a 20+hours of playtime.The Emberton might be remarkable small and compact, but do not doubt it for it’s size as it delivers a loud and vibrant sound. I guess by now you have an idea what kind of speaker to expect in your next purchase. Don’t wait up!

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