What the benefits of owning a Hurom Slow Juicer?

What the benefits of owning a Hurom Slow Juicer?

Today everyone has become health conscious, where every third person either looks to lose weight, create a better and healthier lifestyle or more importantly consume the right food. Rather in today’s day time we are very dependable on processed food, and we enjoy it so much that we don’t see and understand the harm it is doing to our body in the long run.

Every morning when I step out for my morning run, I see young and older people gather around at the entrance of the park. Where there different healthy drinks that are being made or some prefer coconut water as it is indeed refreshing.

Now imagine if you had a juicer all-in-one meaning that makes delicious homemade juices, shakes, nut milk or even ice creams from variety of fruits and vegetables. Well, with the Hurom Slow Juicer, H-AA you can do all those things. Now one doesn’t need to cue or line up infront of Keventer’s to wait and pay for shake. Where as you can make one for yourself and still get a better result than what you would purchase from a restaurant.

One thing that makes the Hurom juicer so unique, is the “Rpm” (Rate Per Minute). Which I believe I had mentioned it in our previous article. In a normal juicer, the average rpm would be 70rpm to 3000rpm. Where as for Hurom, foresaw things differently and slowed it down. Now there is a reason why they reduced the rpm on their juicer’s, to perfectly capture the taste of nature in a cup of nutritious juice. Meaning without burning the number of calories or minimizing nutrition loss due to the heat exposure and oxidation, preserving the rich flavours and retaining the freshness of the ingredients.

If you’re a real juice lover and a health conscious individual, then I highly recommend you the Hurom H-AA , is a must have appliance which will meet all your needs and requirement.

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