About Us


Sera casdim is the final destination when it comes to your technology needs, wants, and desires. We aim to bring exclusive and out-of-the-ordinary products to your doorstep and meet all your tech requirements. Going out to a store and testing out products before buying them has been the norm for as long as we can remember. We feel the need to create a different experience and enhance the status quo of retail experiences. Being able to test, look at and contemplate a product at home is an experiential upgrade from the current norm of visiting a store or looking at pictures online. We believe in extending the same philosophy to all our services.

Sera Casdim is about building relationships with our clients rather than simply selling a product and walking away as if the job is done.

We are currently home delivering all our products in New Delhi- a service we aim to ultimately replicate in all the areas we service. We offer the best brands and range of products in their class products that are not the norm and not as accessible to buy as everyday names. We like to back this up with unbeatable after sales service and cherish our relationship even after products have been sold to you, and you have enjoyed them for years. To us, this is an essential part of the customer experience. When you contact us, be assured that what you buy is not just a product but a brand whose highest priority is trust and reliability.